School Holiday Activities For Kids

Finding new ideas for school holiday activities seems to be a never ending task for parents. Keeping kids entertained during the school holidays needn't be a scary task though, with a plethora of information on ideas for school holiday activities available through schools, councils and the web.

The types of school holiday activities you decide upon for your child will depend on their age and interests. Your child may enjoy particular classes during the school term that can be extended into activities for the school holidays such as drama and sport. Look out for ideas through your weekly school newsletter. Better still, ask your child's school teacher if they know of any school holiday activity options that they can recommend! They're an expert on your child so should be able to offer some great advice and suggestions.

Alternatively you may find your local council organises school holiday activity programs which will often be age appropriate so you needn't worry if your chosen programs will be relevant to your child's developmental needs.

Many businesses cater for small to large groups so your child can be involved in a school holiday activity that can include their friends too. Why not ask other parents if they have experienced any other school holiday activity programs options that they can recommend?

The options for keeping your children entertained and happy with constructive school holiday activities are endless. Keep an open mind about the options of holiday activities your child could be involved in and talk to lots of other people about great experiences they have had. For an entertaining and educational school holiday activity idea why not visit

Fun School Activities

Once the school term has finished there are a number of great ideas for kids to keep busy. You do not need to sit around the house bored or waste away what should be a great time for discovery, development and learning, as well as relaxation and fun. Some suitable holiday activities include:

  • Going camping with family and friends (don't forget to take your hiking boots)
  • Competing in a sports competition or training (no steroids though, that's cheating!)
  • Write a book or a short story (you could become the next JK Rawlings)
  • Hold a dance party with all your friends that is both fun and energetic!
  • Go swimming at a friends house (make sure they practice good pool maintenance to keep the pool clean or you could be swimming in pond scum)
  • Build a model aeroplane or train (you will feel a great sense of accomplishment once you're done and it will look great in your room)
  • Volunteer at a local community centre (you won't get paid but the experience will be priceless)
  • Organise a movie night with your friends (Tuesday's are best as it is half price movies)